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P.O. Box 694, Merrimack, NH 03054, Updated March 2004, Editor: James Hawkins and John Sauter

MCT Board of Directors


Vice President:  Neal Blaiklock

Secretary:  John Sauter 424-1188

Treasurer:   Jack Rothman 424-7809

Member At Large:  Tom Partridge 424-0469

Member At Large:  Mary Prescott

Member At Large:  Jennifer Faucher

Here are the official MCT By-Laws, and MCT Policies and Procedures.

Who We Are...


VICE-PRESIDENT: Neal Blaiklock: Neal has been performing lead roles in MCT plays for several years.

SECRETARY: John Sauter: This is John's fourth year on the Board. In addition to his duties as Secretary, he is also MCT's Sound Person, providing music and sound effects for MCT's shows. He tries to help in any way he can, and does in many ways.

TREASURER: Jack Rothman: Jack has kept great books for four years. In addition, he stage manages, and designs and builds sets. He says that MCT has done much for him, and he wants to give back something in return. He does, many times over.

MEMBER AT LARGE: Mary Prescott:

MEMBER AT LARGE: Jennifer Faucher:

MEMBER AT LARGE: Tom Partridge: Tom has been active in local community theatre for over 11 years, including a number of plays with MCT. He has performed in local professional theatre as well. He also directs, having directed "The Enchantment of Beauty and the Beast" for the Amherst PTA, and he directed "The Wizard of OZ" for them in Spring, 2002.



2003 MCT Dues are $10 and are now payable. Send to P.O. Box 694, Merrimack, New Hampshire 03054

MCT Notes

MCT members win at the 2nd New Hampshire Thertre Awards!
Len Deming, Best Actor, Community Theatre
Mari Keegan, Best Supproting Actress, Community Theatre
Congratulations Len and Mari!!!!
MCT's Production of "The Good Doctor" was also a finalist for Best Show, Community Theatre! Congratulations to Kevin Riley and the entire cast and crew for job well done!

Ideas for the Future Theatre Workshops: Stage Managing, Sound, Lights, Acting and Directing...Children's Theatre with MCT actors: A Young Arts Festival, including local talent with MCT. Your input is needed to make ideas come to life.

We Need Your Input...You ARE MCT!!

Do you know a play you'd like to see MCT do? Are you, perhaps, itching to Direct? Maybe you'd just like to help out backstage. Or perhaps you know how to bake yummie cookies for our intermissions: MCT is looking for helpers in all categories. Does your church, school or civic organization have space for MCT to perform? MCT does fundraisers. We are also in dire need of storage space. Anyone know of an unused barn or garage? MCT grows through the resources of its members. To help out, make a suggestion or ask a question, email or call any Board member.