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Dearly Departed

Written by: Dave Bottrell and Jesse Jones

Directed by:  Vick Bennison

Performed at the American Stage Festival, 14 Court Street, Nashua, in the downstairs theater.  Productions were May 13, May 14, May 15 (2 shows), May 16, 1999.


The play is a hilarious (but gentle) spoof on (can I say) redneck Southern life. Bud Turpin, the patriarch of the Turpin family, drops dead in the first scene. The dysfunctional Turpin family must come together for the funeral. The closer they get the more fireworks go off. 


Raynelle Turpin - Catherine Andruskevich
Ray-Bud Turpin - Neil Blaiklock
Lucille Turpin - Robin Skudlarek
Junior Turpin - Mitch Fortier
Suzanne Turpin - Tara Watson
Delightful Turpin - Adrienne Jackson
Marguerite - Joy Douville
Royce - Jim Hawkins
Rev. Hooker - Thad Self
Veda - Rita Harden
Norval - Tom Partridge
Nadine - Jennifer Canny
Clyde - Tom Partridge
Juanita - Pat Matthias

Joy of Life Singers
Pat Matthias (choir director)
Joan Morgan
Katelyn Kasko
Tom Partridge
Jennifer Canny
Christina Burnham